To answer your question, yes, I am left-handed. (Unfortunately, cameras are made for the other paw.)

Of perhaps lesser importance, here's a very brief summary of my life behind the lens. I picked up my first camera around the age of 12--a Kodak Instamatic, I think. Spent a lot of the years after in a make-shift darkroom (it also served as the bathroom I shared with my older brother), smelling of chemicals, and spending much of my allowance on photography equipment.

Four-plus decades later, I'm based in Richmond, VA and have fully transitioned to digital, except for the occasional Polaroid print. I've happily ditched the darkroom for an Apple computer and Photoshop. No more chemical smell! Although I specialize in people portraits, I'm also experienced in and available for weddings, pet portraits, special events, and almost anything that requires a camera and a creative eye.

Regardless of who or what I'm shooting, I try to bring a distinctive style and different perspective to every rendered image. For my portraiture work, I strive to capture the character and unique qualities of the subject, creating portraits that are both interesting and memorable.

You'll find my work published nationally, online, and on exhibit, every now and then.

--Michael Spanel



by Thumbtack


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